Dr. Aijun An
Aijun An is a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at York University, Toronto, Canada. She received her PhD Degree in Computer Science from the University of Regina. She held research positions at the University of Waterloo before joining York University in 2001. Her main research area is data mining.
Dr. An is the Team Lead for the CIVDDD Team Athenians Project, the CIVDDD Team Mining Frequent Patterns from Distributed Data Streams over P2P File-Sharing Networks and the Cloud (research with IBM Canada in Data Analytics and Transcoding), and the co-Team Lead for Enhanced Identification and Visualization of Relevant Social Media.
She has worked on various data mining problems, including classification, clustering, data stream mining, transitional and diverging pattern discovery, opinion mining, social network analysis, and keyword search in graphs. She has published widely on premier journals and conferences in data mining, database, information retrieval and bioinformatics. She is a recipient of the NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement (DAS) award in 2014. She has been a PI for a number of industry-related projects, including a CITO and five NSERC CRD projects.
Three related factors appear to be relevant in allowing an understanding of online behaviors: attention (the time that individuals and groups expend); influence (the relationships between ideas, products and behaviors) and affect (the emotions and sentiments that are expressed in relation to ideas and products). The extraction of accurate data, then the analysis of these factors in online behavior, and the charting and representation of relationships between these factors poses a significant challenge. For one thing, these factors need to be related to specific content. Data analytics and visualization tools are needed to represent each factor and to chart these relationships. There is very little research to date that works across these fields. This large-scale project seeks to shed light on each element of online social media practice and to then draw relationships between these elements.
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Dr. Aijun An, Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery
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Enhanced Identification and Visualization of Relevant Social Media
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