Dr. James Elder
James Elder is the principal investigator for multiple human and computer vision research projects. These research projects include visual surveillance, remote learning & geomatics applications, and employ psychophysical experiments and mathematical models on human observers and development of computational models and algorithms. He collaborates with a number of companies and government organizations on these projects.
Accurate characterization of the spatial distribution and dynamics of carbon activity is very important for achieving sustainability in our use of energy resources and for the protection of our environment. Two key urban loci of energy use and emissions are buildings and vehicles. This project examines the use of visual and other forms of sensing to track human activity, traffic and heat loss from buildings in order to estimate energy use and emissions in urban environments. This in turn will help stakeholders to channel resources effectively when designing, constructing and managing more energy-efficient buildings and optimizing road networks and public transportation services, in order to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.
CIVDDD Video Series
Dr. James Elder discusses his research on an interdisciplinary approach to human and...
Research Sub-project
Dynamic Carbon Activity Mapping in Urban Environments
Gunho Sohn
Faculty Researcher, York University
Petros Faloutsos
Faculty Researcher, York University
Eduardo Del Soto
Research Assistant, York University
Emilio Almazan
Post-doctoral Research Fellow, York University
Eros Gulo
Master Student, GeoICT Lab, ESSE Department, York University
Hadi Hor
Ph.D. Student, GeoICT Lab, ESSE Department, York University
Mojgan Jadidi
Postdoctoral Researcher, GeoICT Lab, ESSE Department, York University
Nada Elasal
Research Assistant, York University
Phillip Robbins
Master Student, GeoICT Lab, ESSE Department, York University