Dr. Nick Cercone
Dr. Nick Cercone (1946-2015), until his passing on December 6, 2015, was the Principal Investigator of the Centre for Innovation in Information Visualization and Data Driven Design (CIVDDD), at the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University. Nick's research expertise spanned data mining, large scale (big data) analytics and computational linguistics.
His research and teaching interests included, Artificial Intelligence (including automated natural language understanding, computational linguistics, and knowledge representation), Knowledge-Based Systems (including knowledge discovery, data analysis and data mining) and Human-Machine Interfaces (including natural language and multimedia interfaces). He co-founded Computational Intelligence, edited Knowledge and Information Systems, and served on editorial boards of six journals. He was a member of the ACM, IEEE, AAAI, AISB, and ACL, and past president of the Canadian Society for Computational Studies of Intelligence and of the Canadian Association for Computer Science. Dr. Nick Cercone was a fellow of the IEEE - F'IEEE. He won the lifetime achievement award for artificial intelligence in Canada.
Dr. Aijun An, York University, is now supervising Prof. Cercone's CIVDDD research.
The Athenians Project is a multi-year, ongoing project of the study of the persons of ancient Athens. Athens was the largest city in Greece, and controlled a region called Attica. Nestled between the many mountains were fertile valleys, with many luscious farms. The abundance of valuable resources including silver, lead and marble that lie beneath Attica funded the opulence of Athens...
There are many systems where data is distributed over a large and dynamic network of nodes containing no special server or client nodes. An interesting example for large scale distributed systems is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems where a huge mass of data is generated every few seconds. We also need smarter computing that is designed for big data, tuned for specific tasks and managed in the cloud.
CIVDDD Video Series
In this video, Dr. Nick Cercone talks about data mining and analytics with large amounts of data...
Research Sub-project
Mining Frequent patterns from Distributed Data Streams over P2P File-Sharing Networks...
Research Sub-project
The Athenians Project: Digitizing and Cataloguing Squeezes and Interactive Ancient Athens Mapping
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