The Centre for Innovation in Information Visualization and Data-Driven Design (CIVDDD is an $11.5 million Ontario Research Fund-Research Excellence grant in big data analytics & visualization over 5 years, led by York University with OCAD University & the University of Toronto, & 12 private sector partners. Ten research teams between academic & private sector researchers work to develop next generation data discovery, design, & visualization techniques for new computational tools, representational strategies & interfaces.

CIVDDD is the preeminent research hub for innovation and training in information and scientific visualization in Ontario, unrivalled in Canada for its equally strong footing in the sciences and the arts.

Driven by the increasing complexity of data sets, the need for visualization of both data and information is growing exponentially in scientific, social science, and humanities research, finance, and virtually all industries.

The CIVDDD project aims to respond to these needs for visualization by combining existing regional research strengths to create and develop new methods and tools for data-driven design by establishing a centre of excellence in information visualization, which will result in new products and services as well as highly-trained, data-ready personnel for a variety of data-dependent industries.

The following industry sectors are of central interest: Medicine and Bioinformatics, Science and Engineering, Management and Finance, Culture and Entertainment, Heritage and Education.